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  • Samsung 32" LED TV 32J4003 - HD - 1366x768 Resolution - FML Model HD - CMR 50Hz - ConnectShare Movie - Triple Protector - 1 x HDMI
  • Samsung 43" UHD FLAT LED TV 43KU7000 PurColour, HDR Premium, Contrast Enhancer, UHD Upscaling, UHD Dimming, Smart Hub, TIZEN OS, Quad-Core processor, Quick Connect, MR 100, Ultra Clean View, Triple Protection, HDMI x 3, USB x 2.
  • Samsung 55" UHD SMART FLAT LED TV 55KU7000 PurColour HDR Premium Contrast Enhancer UHD Upscaling UHD Dimming Smart Hub TIZEN OS Quad-Core processor Quick Connect MR 100 Ultra Clean View Triple Protection HDMI x 3 USB x 2

    Affordable and accessible

    Compact and Portable

    Wireless connectivity for added convenience

    Colored LED status indication

    Build volume - 150 x 150 x 150mm Material - PLA